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Your Adventure Centre in Western Newfoundland

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Welcome To Cache Rapids Stable

Your Adventure Centre in Western Newfoundland, Canada.


CACHE RAPIDS STABLE is a family operated riding stable offering Western style riding. Quiet, well trained horses ensure you will enjoy a pleasant and fun filled adventure ride with nature. Located near the Cache Rapids on the Humber River in the farming community of Reidville, approximately a 10 minute drive from Deer Lake, we offer riding experiences for all riding levels.

During the spring, summer and fall, mount up for a trail ride ranging from half an hour to three hours or a pony ride for the children. The more adventurous can take advantage of our multi-day backcountry horseback trips.  Whether you like to rough it in tents or relax in a cozy lodge, we have the holiday experience for you. 

We offer a variety of equestrian experiences including trail rides, pony rides, multi-day wilderness rides, English and Western riding lessons, educational tours, children's camps, birthday parties, horse shows and clinics in addition to horse boarding and transport.

Come see our NEWFOUNDLAND PONIES ... "Shine, Lady, Charlie and Queenie"
. The ancestors of the Newfoundland Pony arrived with the Island’s early settlers from the British Isles. They were hardy creatures, already well adapted to the harsh climate of the islands of the North Atlantic. Over subsequent centuries, and with little outside influence, the hardiest of these early pony immigrants to Newfoundland interbred and eventually evolved into one common pony type, now recognized as the Newfoundland Pony. In the past, the Newfoundland Pony was
used to plough gardens; haul fishing nets, kelp and wood, gather hay and provide their

 families with transportation about the Island. These functions were replaced by modern technology and the pony population plummeted. To protect this special and historic pony, the Newfoundland Government has recognized it as a Heritage Animal. The current Newfoundland Pony population totals less than 400 animals. An ongoing effort on the part of concerned individuals from across Canada has stabilized the population, however, the Newfoundland Pony continues to be identified as a critically endangered species by Rare Breeds Canada. 

Be sure to stop at the Tack Shop for your Western gifts and Souvenirs. The Tack Shop is located in the loft of the barn and carries a large variety of tack items including, bridles, bits, halters, shoes and horse care products.

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